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60/90W Adjustable Head Table Clamp Telescopic Trade Show Lighting USA

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OUR BEST SELLER!! The WORKHORSE of trade show industry, Over engineered for durability with an all machined aluminum construction. Available in 60w or 90w COB LED. Comes in standard of extended head models. Perfect for trade show lighting, craft show lighting, jewelry display lighting & for anywhere you need powerful LED table clamp lighting. Our modular design allows this powerful light to be mounted with a variety of optional Interchangeable clamps for tents, pipe drape, gridwalls, ect. This is the ultimate in lighting for any fine display application. Please call and talk to our engineers about the impressive flexibility and specific applications for your purpose. Show Off Lighting 980-229-5111 



    • The Extended Head option extends out 12 inches 
    • Available in 60w or 90w bright COB LED
    • 4500k sun balanced (BEST SELLER) or 6000k cool white
    • Tilt, swivel head for perfect lighting where you need it
    • Available in single or dual head
    • 50.000 hour life (8+ years) , fully serviceable LEDs
    • LOW HEAT generation & Las Vegas approved
    • 7200 lumens for 60w and 10,200 lumens for 90w
    • 90 CRI for vibrant natural colors
    • All aluminum construction with telescopic pole 
    • No external transformer 
    • Standard 12ft. 3 prong power cord 
    • Rock solid stability & over engineered for durability
    • Light extends up to 8ft high from floor 
    • Single 60w lights an 8ft radius ,90w is a 10ft radius 
    • 60 degree beam angle
    •  85 to 245 VAC    
    •  Weighs 5lbs 1oz for single head units and 10lbs 2 oz for dual head units 



We offer both sun balanced (4500k) and cool white (6000k) color temperatures. The 4500k sun balanced is by far the best seller because it makes colors pop and it gives lots of sparkle. The 6000k cool white spectrum gives lots of sparkle but it subdues the color red.



(1) Adjustable head trade show light,  telescopic pole, black 12ft. 3 prong power cord & heavy duty quick clamp for table top mounts. This is a complete system, ready to clamp and plug in.



This Show Off Lighting product is guaranteed for a (2) year warranty against manufacturing defects. If there is a defect we will fix it at no charge. Simply return the light to our Denver, North Carolina facility. Accidental damage can be repaired quickly and easily by contacting us. Warranty includes bulbs. We offer lightning fast customer service that is second to none in the industry. 


Perfect quick setup, portable, low heat, bright LED display lighting for art show lighting, craft show lighting, jewelry display lighting, trade show lighting and everywhere high quality display lighting is needed. Made for indoor or covered tent use only.



 Marlon with Lifestones Gems & Minerals:


I purchased one of your 90w LED adjustable head lights for my booth to begin with. I was so impressed that I purchased THREE more and I am so glad I did. I put the first light up in an area of my booth that was not getting much attention. The very next day a customer purchased  the ENTIRE TABLE of minerals.  I know it was because of your lights!! I tell everyone now at every show about Show Off Lighting and what an unbelievable difference it has made in the appearance of my booth and in my sales.


Taomi with Mine C from Brazil:


Bought one of your 90w adjustable lights from Show Off Lighting at the Denver show. When we saw you guys at the Tucson 22nd St Show we bought more of these because they are the best lights we have ever seen or used. We suggest these lights to fellow vendors all the time and are happy to do it. We have tried many other types of lighting but nothing compares to Show Off Lighting. Our booth has never gotten so much attention. 


David with


Anne recommended these lights to me when we were at the NY/NJ show. She said this was her particular favorite so I bought one. I now have FIVE. That swiveling head is the greatest thing ever. Tremendous design and fabrication. Highly suggest Show Off Lighting.


Anela's Jade


Thank you for the fast shipping and great service. We are going to recommend your lighting to everyone.


First Frontier Inc:


We bought our first lights from you and we were hooked for life. We are asked at every show where we got our lighting from and we are happy to tell them. They are so easy to use that my wife can set them up by herself. No question these are the best lights anyone could ever buy.