Best Selling LED Jewelry Display Lights

 Best LED Jewelry Display Lighting

 Ever wonder how to make your colors pop & your diamonds flash in your jewelry displays? The answer lies in the type of jewelry display lighting you are using & in the color spectrum of your bulbs. It all begins with proper LED jewelry display lighting. Show Off Lighting uses superior quality, sun balanced, LED bulbs with a high CRI to create vibrant colors & sparkle. We can help you to OUTSHINE THE COMPETITION!!

Brilliant LED jewelry display lighting by Show Off Lighting

 Create a crowd with our brilliant LED 

jewelry display lighting!! 


AMAZING LED jewelry display lighting

Show Off Lighting setup in an 80ft booth 

at the TGMS Tucson Gem Shows. This jewelry 

display lighting was setup in no time!!


THE BEST SELLING LED in case showcase lighting for your jewelry displays

 In case showcase lighting with

TWO rows of LED lights. 



Bright, beautiful LED jewelry display lighting

Beautiful LED jewelry display lighting