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trade show tent lights, craft show tent lights, show off lighting, LED tripod lights
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trade show lights, trade show tent lights, craft show tent lights
LED trade show tent lights, art show tent lights, craft show tent lights, show off lighting

Tripod Dual Head Trade Show Tent Lights

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Powerful dual LED tripod trade show tent lights that come in 120w or 180w. Setup in minutes & have a trade show tent full of bright, high quality trade show lighting. Free standing LED trade show tent lights that are portable, durable and professional.



    • (2) 90W LED light modules (180w) or (2) 60W LED light modules (120w)
    • Sun balanced LED COB with 50.000 hour life  
    • Almost NO HEAT generation & Las Vegas approved
    • 14,000 lumens for (2) 60w modules or 20,000 lumens for (2) 90w modules
    • Neutral White Light 4500k
    • 85 CRI for vibrant natural colors
    • All aluminum construction with telescopic pole with free standing tripod base
    • No external transformer
    • 3 prong 15ft extension cord included
    • Rock solid stability & over engineered for durability
    • Light extends up to 12ft high from floor 
    • Setup in 3 minute or less
    • Lights up to a 20ft to 25ft plus radius (depending on your wattage selection) & 60 degree beam angle
    •  85 to 245 VAC    
    •  Weighs 15lbs
    • Comes with a 15ft extension cord   
    • Easy to transport and store
    • 2 Year warranty and 30 day return policy



Our LED free standing tripod trade show tent light comes with a high quality free stand tripod base, 3 prong 15ft extension cord, telescopic pole that extends up to 12ft plus (2) of either the 60w LED light modules or (2) 90w LED light modules.



Perfect quick setup, portable, low heat, bright LED for tent lighting, art show lighting, craft show lighting, jewelry display lighting, trade show lighting and everywhere display lighting is needed. 



Show Off Lighting is guaranteed for a (2) year warranty against manufacturing defects. If there is a defect we will fix it at no charge. Simply return the light to our Denver, North Carolina facility. Accidental damage can be repaired quickly and easily by contacting us. Warranty includes bulbs. We offer lightning fast customer service that is second to none in the industry. 




Brian with Universal Rock Shop:


These tripod lights are so powerful and our trade show tent is so much brighter with Show Off Lighting. Any vendor would be very hard pressed to find a more powerful light than this tripod light. We have a large tent and your lights were exactly what we needed. Telling everyone about Show Off Lighting now because of the difference you have made for us.


Jared with Catalina Blue:


We do shows out west and we almost always setup in a tent where lighting can be a real problem.  I wanted to let you know one of the best things that we have ever done was buy these tripod lights for our tent. They light up our tent like never before and everything looks like it is sitting in sunlight now.  We are insanely happy with Show Off Lighting.  The other dealer tents look dim compared to ours and that is very obvious. We have handed out your brochures everywhere we go. 


Murray Donovan: 


Light blew me away for the output. This stand can really extend. I didn’t really need the double light but two is always better than one in case I ever need it for something. I use this for gem shows and wow I just set it up here in the house and it was so bright I was wide awake well past bedtime feeling like it was earlier out than usual. Light doesn’t get hot because it has a built in vented fan. Tripod has nice wide legs for good stability. It’s easy to set up. It looks like something good for lighting paths for outdoor shows or for painting with bright lights or photography without flash as well. I just use it for the gems and it does an over adequate job. Everything looks even more fabulous!