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Craft show LED table clamp lighting
30w LED table clamp lighting for craft show lighting & trade show lighting
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30w LED Table Clamp Craft Show Lighting

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Bright 30w LED Table Clamp Craft Show Lighting that covers a 4ft area. Attaches quickly to most tables. Perfect for craft show lights, trade show lighting, jewelry display lighting, trade show tent lights & accent lighting.  Has a telescopic pole & swivel/tilt head so that you can have light where you need it. 



  • 4500k sun balanced spectrum or 6000k cool spectrum.
  • 30w COB LED,
  • 2880 lumens,
  • 85 CRI color rendering,
  • Telescopic pole extends to 44 inches,
  • Head tilts & swivels,
  • Weighs 3lbs,
  • 45 degree beam angle,
  • Covers about a 4ft area,
  • Setup in a minute,
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum,
  • Energy efficient and bright,
  • Easy setup, transport and storage,
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • 2 Year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee,
  • Collapsed in transport light dimensions are 30" x 4" x 4",



We offer both sun balanced (4500k) and cool white (6000k) color temperatures. The 4500k sun balanced is by far the best seller because it makes colors pop and it gives lots of sparkle. The 6000k cool white spectrum gives lots of sparkle but it subdues the color red.



(1) 30w COB LED telescopic table clamp light with telescopic pole, clamp and an attached 5ft power cord which is attached to the back of the lighting head.



Show Off Lighting is guaranteed for a (2) year warranty against manufacturing defects. If there is a defect we will fix it at no charge. Simply return the light to our Denver, North Carolina facility. Accidental damage can be repaired quickly and easily by contacting us. Warranty includes bulbs. We offer lightning fast customer service that is second to none in the industry. 



1) Decide if you want the clamp to mount horizontal or vertical and screw the pole into the appropriate hole on the clamp. Screw the telescopic pole in to the clamp finger tight only. Please do not use tools. The clamp has (2) holes and one is for vertical mount and one is for horizontal mounting. Most vendors will use this light as a table clamp light.

2) Slide the clamp over the edge of the table. Finger tighten the clamp but do not use tools.

3) Loosen the lock knob in the center of the pole and loosen one turn. Extend the telescopic pole to 1 inch from fully extended. Tighten the lock knob. If you extend to more than 1 inch from fully extended you have extended it too far.

4) Give the power cord three wraps around the pole to keep the cord nice and neat.

5) Plug the light in and adjust the swivel head to the desired angle and you are done!!



This 30w COB LED telescopic table clamp light is great for trade show lighting, craft show lighting, jewelry display lighting, trade show tent lighting, accent lighting, bead table lighting, art show lighting and anywhere you need portable display lighting.


Easy to use LED table clamp lights